Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Favorite Shot of the Day (New Series)

About a month ago I started a new series, Favorite Shot of the Day. Since I walk with my camera 90% of the time, some days I get a few good shots; sometimes I get nothing that I’m truly crazy about. With this series, I’m challenging myself to find that favorite shot of the day. It doesn’t have to be a perfect shot, just something that’s says, I like that feel. That said; you are welcome to follow me on this fun journey. Here on the blog, I won’t have all my images (I have over thirty now). But, you can click on my Facebook link and see all the images.






Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Familia & Art

By now you can tell my life revolves around family, friends, art and then work. This weekend was no different. I spent time with out of town (Seattle) family in Ontario, CA. I made it to two galleries on Saturday night and two on Sunday afternoon. I like to support my friends who are showing their work and at the same time I get to meet other working artist; which takes me back to Saturday night. I had many interesting conversations and not only about the art work here, but outside of the country too. Which made me realize how much I need to do some more traveling, SOON!

My friend Robert Hall (a photographer) has been talking for years about moving to Provence, France. And finally, it’s happening! He’s moving on July 23. So, I had to have our photo taken together. He was glowing so much and my friend Laura (a budding photographer) took some great shots of us.

I also had a great conversation with Gil Garcetti (yes, Eric’s father and former District Attorney of L.A.) about his wonderful photographs of Cuba and Trinidad. He has a new book called Dance In Cuba and Women Bicycle Riders in Paris, which comes out next spring.

Painter Abel Alejandre @ ChimMaya in East Los.

Painter Joe Bravo (Tortilla series) @ ChimMaya in East Los.

Offramp gallery in a great house in Pasadena, CA.

Photo of Mark Steven Greenfield’s mom, Gerry, right after she took pictures of the two women behind her. I just love this shot.

My work @ the Girls, Girls, Girls show @ Cactus gallery in Eagle Rock, CA.

Photographer Robert Hale and I @ Avenue 50 gallery, Highland Park, CA. (photos by Laura Travnitz)

Photographer Gil Garcetti and Laura Travnitz, in front of one of Gil’s photograph @ Avenue 50 gallery, Highland Park, CA.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two Years To Go

My niece Adelina graduated from high school yesterday, it was a really nice celebration with good speakers (even the mayor, yes, Antonio). For me, it was very satisfying, because two years ago, I had some concerns. But she came through. And I’m very proud of her. I hope she REALLY follows her dreams, because she’s very talented and would make a good movie director/graphic artist; she’s also a good photographer. Now for my son, we have two years to go and I know it will be here very soon.

Grandma & Lina.

Proud parents.

The future.

We love to celebrate at Palermo’s.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shameless Plug

My book Lines & Textures at Imix Bookstore in Eagle Rock, you can find it at Cactus gallery also.

Saturday Art, Sunday Parade

On the second Saturday of every month there’s a Northeast L. A. art walk (NELA) and some times I hit a few spaces to see what’s new. This Saturday was that, my brother joined me at six galleries. We enjoyed most of the things we saw, especially meeting and talking with other artist. But for me, the topper was meeting Ron “HELLBOY” Perlman; this guy has been around for a long time. And he’s always good in what he does and on this Saturday night he was checking out art.

On Sunday morning got up early and spent it with my youngest niece. She wanted to check out the 2009 Pride celebration, which I had not been to in 14 years. We had fun hanging out and a good lunch.

Ron “HELLBOY” Perlman

The signs say it all…

It's a celebration.

Celebration & Nature

On Saturday, we celebrated Gabriel’s birthday with a picnic (we love picnics). We had a really nice time watching the kids play ball and board games (adults included).

We also had additional company, a Red Tail Hawk and Gophers. Who were probably waiting for us to leave, so they can do all the natural things that happen in nature, I think the Hawk was checking out his dinner, the gofers…

When I take in the whole picture, it warms my heart to know our son still enjoys just doing the simple things, like just hanging with friends and family.

Nino Chelo, I'm not sixteen anymore, I'm going to be sore later. He was.

Dodgertown is coming.

The birthday boy swinging away.

Cousin Lina was next.

The Cake.


Feed us.

Hey, don’t go away, feed us more.

The Honey Bees came too.

The Gopher.

In flight.

Ah, beautiful.

We’re leaving now, the park is all yours.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The only view missing are the mountains.


I find myself talking to friends about how our kids have grown-up so fast. And I bet, our parents and grandparents did the same. But it always feels so much personal when it’s happening to you.

Our son is turning sixteen tomorrow and he’ll probably have his driving license at the end of the month. Which means, I have two years left, before he really doesn’t have to listen to me. We ALL know what I mean by this…At least I can say the past sixteen years have been well invested.

Now I find myself looking towards the future.

Primos (cousins), Lina ready for her prom and Gabriel her support. 

Here are more reasons why I love Los Angeles, a little rain then beautiful skies.

Our Secret Garden is nearly done.

La luna.

4 Palms at dusk.

Looking north from Santa Monica.

Nostalgia, my grandmother had a red one.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Veggie Flowers

Today was a day to catch up with things in the studio and to check out the veggie garden. Then I had a wonderful surprise, my mom and tía (aunt) came to visit. My mom doesn’t drive anymore and my aunt once in a while. They traveled on the bus (a little over an hour) just to see us. They are two years apart: my aunt being the oldest. They grew up more like sisters and they act like it too. Always fussing but with great heart. With the passing of my grandmother over a year ago, these two ladies are now the matriarchs of the family. My love for them is so great…

Mami & Tía


Romano tomato

Sweet basil


Nasturtium-Orange & yellow, edible flowers.