Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Favorite Shot of the Day (New Series)

About a month ago I started a new series, Favorite Shot of the Day. Since I walk with my camera 90% of the time, some days I get a few good shots; sometimes I get nothing that I’m truly crazy about. With this series, I’m challenging myself to find that favorite shot of the day. It doesn’t have to be a perfect shot, just something that’s says, I like that feel. That said; you are welcome to follow me on this fun journey. Here on the blog, I won’t have all my images (I have over thirty now). But, you can click on my Facebook link and see all the images.






Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Familia & Art

By now you can tell my life revolves around family, friends, art and then work. This weekend was no different. I spent time with out of town (Seattle) family in Ontario, CA. I made it to two galleries on Saturday night and two on Sunday afternoon. I like to support my friends who are showing their work and at the same time I get to meet other working artist; which takes me back to Saturday night. I had many interesting conversations and not only about the art work here, but outside of the country too. Which made me realize how much I need to do some more traveling, SOON!

My friend Robert Hall (a photographer) has been talking for years about moving to Provence, France. And finally, it’s happening! He’s moving on July 23. So, I had to have our photo taken together. He was glowing so much and my friend Laura (a budding photographer) took some great shots of us.

I also had a great conversation with Gil Garcetti (yes, Eric’s father and former District Attorney of L.A.) about his wonderful photographs of Cuba and Trinidad. He has a new book called Dance In Cuba and Women Bicycle Riders in Paris, which comes out next spring.

Painter Abel Alejandre @ ChimMaya in East Los.

Painter Joe Bravo (Tortilla series) @ ChimMaya in East Los.

Offramp gallery in a great house in Pasadena, CA.

Photo of Mark Steven Greenfield’s mom, Gerry, right after she took pictures of the two women behind her. I just love this shot.

My work @ the Girls, Girls, Girls show @ Cactus gallery in Eagle Rock, CA.

Photographer Robert Hale and I @ Avenue 50 gallery, Highland Park, CA. (photos by Laura Travnitz)

Photographer Gil Garcetti and Laura Travnitz, in front of one of Gil’s photograph @ Avenue 50 gallery, Highland Park, CA.