Saturday, May 30, 2009

Veggie Flowers

Today was a day to catch up with things in the studio and to check out the veggie garden. Then I had a wonderful surprise, my mom and tía (aunt) came to visit. My mom doesn’t drive anymore and my aunt once in a while. They traveled on the bus (a little over an hour) just to see us. They are two years apart: my aunt being the oldest. They grew up more like sisters and they act like it too. Always fussing but with great heart. With the passing of my grandmother over a year ago, these two ladies are now the matriarchs of the family. My love for them is so great…

Mami & Tía


Romano tomato

Sweet basil


Nasturtium-Orange & yellow, edible flowers.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Early Morning

A few months ago I decided to start hiking again. One of my favorite places to go is, Dante’s Peak in Griffith Park. I try to do this three or four times a week, some weeks I only manage to do it twice. I like to get up there by 7:30 in the morning. Sometimes I can wrangle someone to get up early to join me or I go up by myself. It’s a great way to start the day. Today, I checked out a few other spots I enjoy. Here are some of the images of the morning. 

The Sun was asleep this morning, which made it a very cool walk.

The Redwoods in Griffith Park.

The creek is a bit dry, but still wonderful.

What can I say, tropical leaves.

One of many little waterfalls in Ferndell Park.

Another one.

Lonely pink.

Horse corral up Beachwood.


Late evening

Last night my brother and I joined many at the opening of Lisa Jack’s show of photographs of Barack Obama. It was nice bumping into many photographers I knew. We even met the gentleman who did the actual prints for the show, David Dingo. While I was walking around checking out the images, I mention to my brother, that they were only two or three of the images I really liked, and if it wasn’t photos of Obama. There wouldn’t have been a show. I found all the images flat and the same tone. After speaking to David (photo printer), some of my questions were answered. The negatives were very thin and there wasn’t much to work with for more contrast and depth. That I understood, because some of my early negatives that I developed are very thin and brittle now.

I say lucky for Lisa Jack, the place was packed and she was making some sales. And of course, I have some images.

The crowd

The beer was good.

David Dingo & Dana.

There were lots of mobile photos taken.

The best image in the show.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Out & About

I like to joke, that I have senior citizen days. That means, that I have to take one of the senior citizens in our family to a doctor or some kind of errand. It’s a funny thing, because these are the people I looked up to and depended on growing up. Now they depend on me.

It’s usually a full morning, sometime a full day or a few days in a row. At the end of these days, I’m usually beat and need a siesta. Then I look back and realize what I would do with out them or them without me. And it ALL comes down to, the love and respect we have for one another. Below are some of my favorite shots of today.

A fly in a spider web. Isn’t nature just wonderful.

First California Poppy in the garden in years.

Mangos at Super King market.

Señor Jesus V. Rodriguez, one of my senior citizens.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Around Town

I’m very fortunate to live and work in this city, Los Angeles. Especially as a photographer who walks with a camera 90% of the time, I get to capture so many little vignettes of everyday life. Below are a few shots of the past few weeks.

Tribute to writer-director-actor Luis Valdez @ the Reel Rasquache Film Festival 09, held at Cal State University, Los Angeles. Back (l-r): Jose Luis Valenzuela, Lorena Alvarado, Pepe Serna, Evelina Fernandez, Esai Morales, David Barrera, Enrique Castillo. Center (l-r): Mike Gomez, Lupe Valdez, Luis Valdez, Lupe Ontiveros, Jesus Treviño, Bel Hernandez, Cris Franco. Front (l-r): Griselda Navarro, Eddie Olmos, Sal Lopez & John Ramirez.

The Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier.

4 Palms

Manny “#99” Ramirez home run at Dodger stadium.

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, working out in Griffith Park before the big fight back on May 2nd, he won.

Maya checking out life.

A Family Picnic

This past Sunday, I spent it at a family picnic. It was over thirty of us, made up of sisters, brothers, father, mothers, in-laws and the next generation. I tried to get photos of everyone there, which was fun to do. I hope the next time we get together; it will be all of us (over 60).

We had a wonderful time.

My brother Chelo and my tía Sabi having a good laugh over some cheve (beer).

A partial view of the familia.

A Taste From The Garden

I wanted to share a bit of the garden, so here are some photos.



Water Hyacinth, a one day bloom

Water Lettuce

Sunflower Series





Red-White Rose2

Red-White Rose

Lil Chile

Yellow Rose

Pink Rose

Our Buddy

Monday, May 25, 2009

Not A Writer, Just A Photographer

Potato Vine

I never thought I would do one of these blogs. But, what the heck, it can be another outlet to show my work. And support artist whose work I enjoy. So, this is my beginning.

For the past few years I’ve been shooting my garden and having lots of fun with it. But now it’s become even more exciting, thanks to my brother. We now have two lily ponds going. Which brings in new little creatures (butterflies, bumble bees, dragon flies, etc.) and it makes my life so calming. I thank my brother for that; he’s been working on our garden for the past year.